hi everybody I’m Ellen Carey as you know your instructor for library 101 and I just wanted to make a quick video to introduce myself face-to-face and to give you a little bit more information about the work coming up ahead in our class you’ll just be choosing your topic and doing some initial research exploring a particular search tool it could be a search engine or a library database there will be a forum post that you’ll you’ll work on related to that and then after that for the three following weeks you’ll be finding sources on your topic and you’ll have to find three different types of sources books periodical articles and websites for the books and the periodical articles you’ll have to use the library the websites obviously you’ll use the internet to find those so this is all preparing you to create an annotated bibliography at the end of the class an annotated bibliography is a list of sources with citations for those sources usually on one particular topic as is required for library 101 and unlike a regular bibliography which just lists the the citations for the sources themselves an annotated bibliography includes an annotation for each source usually an annotation includes a summary of what the source is about a reflection on the usefulness of the source and answering a particular research question that you might have and an assessment of the quality of the source so your annotations will include each of those pieces you will have some practice creating an annotation by first finding a book reading you don’t have to read the entire book but skimming the book enough to get an idea of what it’s about and answering some questions about it which you can then turn into an annotation so you’ll practice that with two books the following week with two articles and the week after that was two websites and ultimately you’ll have those six sources that will be the beginning of your annotated bibliography you’ll also come up with one other source in each of those three categories so your final they will have nine sources the topic selection process is really important for a variety of reasons you need to choose something that is not so broad a topic that your sources are sort of all over the place you need to also not choose something that’s so narrow that you can’t find sources in the library so in addition to choosing the overall topic you’re also going to formulate a specific research question and your sources will all you’ll be evaluating how will they help you answer that specific question so that’s something to think of too not just the topic but the question itself I encourage you to consider using a topic that you will be researching for another class if you have a research project a paper or a presentation in another class that does not involve an imitated bibliography you are welcome to use the same topic and library 101 will help you prepare for the research you need to do and find sources that will work for that other class as well if the research assignment you have in another class includes having to turn in an annotated bibliography then I’m going to ask you to use a different topic so that you’re not doing the same work and turning in the same work for two classes if you have any questions email me post a question in your question to the classroom cafe and I look forward to seeing the topics that you come up with